News From OSA - May, 2017

OUR MAY 25th MEMBERSHIP MEETING SHOULD BE BRIEF, BUT INTERESTING …. We will be reporting on the organizing drive at MaBSTOA, hopefully with a collective bargaining election already under way.

There will also be information about the functional transfer of some of our members from the Administration for Children’s Services to the Department of Education.

We should, by that time, be able to give a report on the appointments occurring from the Associate and Administrative Staff Analyst lists. There should also be information as to how the City intends to handle DC37’s recent contract extension and increased Welfare Fund contribution as it affects OSA and other unions.

We may even be able to report on the results of CWA Local 1180’s assault on the absurd management pay plan set into place by Ed Koch.

All of this – and more – is expected to take about 45 minutes. We will start the meeting at 6 PM sharp, rather than the slightly later starting time of recent years. At 6:45 PM, we will break for food.

TIME TO ACT... Then, at 7:00 PM, or thereabouts, we plan on holding the first session of the OSA Activist Classroom Training (ACT). This first session will be a brief history of OSA, who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

There was some debate in the union office over the idea of tacking a training session onto the close of a membership meeting. We deliberately chose to do this because we very strongly believe that members who want to be active should always be willing to attend membership meetings.

FILL IN THOSE FORMS... There are a couple of sheets you can download below which we hope you will fill out and return to the union.

The first form you can download at this link is a form to register for the ACT, so we can plan for adequate refreshments and mail you materials to read in advance of the meeting.

Please fax the form back to us at 212-686-1231 (or mail it so it arrives by May 12, 2017.

The second sheet which you can download here is for you to use to list your demand(s) for the upcoming collective bargaining session set for this Summer. To use the form for more than one demand, fill out the top and make as many copies as you have demands. Please use a separate sheet for each demand, so the bargaining team can separate demands into categories.

You can demand anything (so long as it is not self-defeating), but obviously the final group demands will be a sort of consensus.

On the financial end, the sky is still the limit as far as demands are concerned, but the results will certainly be affected by the fiscal pattern set in bargaining by the larger unions.

We look forward to receiving your demands. Please return your demands in the pre-addressed envelope we sent you in the mailing or fax to 212-679-2737 so they arrive by June 15, 2017.