News From OSA - Special Edition - 2008/2010 Contract

Negotiations. These are strange days. The "pattern" for the next two years was set (by the uniform unions) at 4%, 4% and 1.57%. DC37 was holding out for that pattern when Teamsters Local 237 settled for 4%, 4% and a fraction of one percent.

The City then insisted that the 4% and 4% and a fraction was the new civilian pattern. DC37, unhappily aware of the economic downturn nationally and locally, chose to accept the City offer.

OSA, in negotiations, made it clear to the City that we were inclined to settle, quickly, if the DC37 offer was offered to us. We have now been offered that settlement.

The offer, for us, is the 4% raise effective 8/25/08, and another 4% raise effective 8/25/09. There is also a tiny fraction (0.1% or .001 of salfary due on 8/24/10, but not to be used for a raise). Normally, OSA uses equity monies to improve our longevities.

The negotiating team has voted to recommend acceptance by the members of this City offer. There are no non-economic gains in this contract, so we do not even need to await the printing of the memorandum of agreement.

The question is simple: do we accept the raises of 4%, 4% and 0.1% that is being offered or do we return to the negotiating table.

Please vote in the envelope you will receive shortly in the mail. If you are an agency shop fee payer (meaning you have not signed a union card), no voting envelope or ballot will be enclosed in that mailing.

Holiday Party. The holiday party flyer specifies that you should fax back your desire to attend. The other side of the flyer has directions to the event, set for December 17th at Grand Prospect Hall. You can also mail the coupon back to us, but please do NOT mail it back in the contract ballot envelope.

We will not open the contract ballots until 12/5/08 and mixing an unsigned ballot with a signed party flyer potentially compromises the secrecy of your ballot.

The Inauguration. While it is true that the leadership of OSA did endorse Barack Obama for President, it is unfortunately not true that we have tickets to the inauguration. Members have been calling. Sorry.