News From OSA - August, 2017

MaBSTOA. We do not, as of early August, know the results of the MaBSTOA collective bargaining election. Votes from MaBSTOA Analysts and Assistant Budget Chiefs have not yet been tallied. Win or lose, we owe thanks to our on-location activists and our volunteer organizers. It is the quality of our folks that gives our union strength.

However, on August 10th, information on the results of the election will be posted on the Weekly Newsline section of our website and on the union’s phone hotline.

VOTE NO ON THE CONCON. This Fall, there will be a question on the November general election ballot on whether or not New York State should hold a Constitutional Convention. Vote NO!

Our pensions are guaranteed by the state constitution against being diminished once we are on the job and members of the pension system. If we revise the constitution, that guarantee can be discarded by folks who think our pensions are too generous.

Since Andrew Cuomo ended Tier 4 and began Tier 6 at the start of his administration – and since Tier 6 is far worse than Tier 4 – we know where he is coming from.

If you are not registered to vote, register now. We will all need to vote in November. A flyer can be downloaded below with more details on why a Constitutional Convention is a bad idea.

NEGOTIATIONS. These are due already, but the lead, to determine the pattern for raises, will be taken by DC37. If all goes well, there will be coalition bargaining and OSA will have a seat at the table.

Local unit bargaining will, however, require us to have our own demands prepared and we will. Many members responded to the request for demands we sent out earlier this year. Our union bargaining demands will be formulated from those individual demands after study by the union’s executive board. We generally include most demands. We sometimes combine demands. If, for example there is a demand for a 2% raise and another for 5% and a third for 10%, we would combine them into a demand for a "substantial" raise, leaving the details to the bargaining process.

We will probably have the demands available for review at the September membership meeting, but they are subject to further additions and amendments.

ACTIVIST CLASSROOM TRAINING (ACT). ACT will resume at our September membership meeting. Again, we will seek to slip in an hour of training after the membership meeting and still be done by 8:00PM. It worked well in May for those members who signed up and attended.

Members interested in being trained, but who have not yet signed up, should either complete and mail or fax back the registration form you can download below or call John LaGuardia at the union office at 212-686-1229.

Those already participating in ACT and newly interested members should definitely attend the September membership meeting on Thursday, September 28th and the Labor Day Parade on Saturday, September 9th.

LABOR DAY PARADE. Even before the September membership meeting, all members (and especially ACT participants) should join the OSA contingent in the Labor Day Parade on Saturday, September 9th and march behind the OSA banner. We have marched in every parade since the turn of the century and usually have had a good turnout. It can be a lot of fun and we gather together for lunch right afterwards. It is also a day to remind our political leaders, the city and the nation of the strength of New York City’s unions.

A flyer you can download below provides information on where we will gather for the parade: East 45th Street (between Fifth Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue) near the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue. Join us for your OSA T-shirts, hats, water and snacks. Your family and friends are welcome.

OUR BENEFITS. These have been improving, some at little or no cost (the General Hearing Services panel of low cost hearing aid providers), some at significant cost (crowns over implants – see the enclosed Welfare Fund Analysis). In addition, we will soon be offering a number of voluntary offerings: extra life insurance, a legal panel, extra money for catastrophic illnesses etc.

The voluntary offerings are always a matter of individual need. If you are a single person with no dependents, why buy extra life insurance? If you have six months of sick and annual leave put aside, there is no need for short term disability insurance. If you come from a family of lawyers, you can skip paying for legal coverage.

All of the voluntary benefits are provided by the union but you must decide which, if any, are of value to you.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING. Mark your calendar for the September general membership meeting which will take place on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 6:15pm at the union office on 23rd Street. Pizza will be available before the meeting. A flyer can be downloaded below to remind yourself of the date, time and location. And don’t forget, the second session of ACT training will follow the meeting.


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