Quality Of Work Life Committees

If you would like to become more active, one way to do so is by becoming the Organization of Staff Analysts' representative on a Quality of Work Life Committee within your agency. You will be representing your fellow workers and your union.

Each agency has one or more Quality of Work Life Committees, including:

Alternate Work Schedule
Employee Recognition
Career And Personal Development
Health And Wellness

The committees usually meet once a month. In addition to attending the meetings, you will be responsible for being in contact with the union before the meetings and reporting back afterwards. OSA will arrange with your agency for your release from work to attend the meetings.

If you are interested in joining a QWL committee for your agency, please print out the coupon below and return it as soon as possible by mail or fax. The union will contact you. Thank you for your participation.

To participate in a Quality Of Work Life Committee, click here.

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